In today’s world of small technology, we see more and more cracked or damaged screens. The comfort of technology doesn’t come without a price. Despite the countless hours and money spent searching for that very evasive 100% protection for our screen, the iPhones and iPads of this era ultimately succumb to our clumsiness and, sometimes, to the little hands of our children. Let’s face the facts—there is no protection that is capable of preventing iPhone or iPad screen damage.

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There are a lot of “How To” videos that flood the Web every day. Although many sites like provide helpful videos, it still comes down to the fact that you need to be trained and have the right tools for fixing high-tech devices. The training can cost you a fortune.

Everything in these devices are tiny, and it takes specialized tools and steady hands to take on projects like these. Chances are, if you dare fix your device on your own, you’ll do it more harm than good. You may succeed opening an iPhone or iPad but this is just the tip of the iceberg of phone repair. There are many tiny components and ribbon connections that could be damaged with one swift move. That will mean more frustration and more money.

Once you start the project there is no turning back. Here’s a breakdown of the possible costs for DIY and professional repair:

IPhone screen repair from outside vendor Apple Store IPhone screen repair—
New IPhone 5S screen = $150 Parts
Repair Labor cost = $70 – $95
TOTAL = $220 – $245

DIY IPhone repair—
New IPhone 5S screen = $150
Certified Repair Kits = $15-$20 (includes all the necessary screwdrivers and mini pry bar tools)
Labor = $0
Total = $165 – $170

In summary, it is best to leave the repair and frustrations up to the professionals. You can find savings and peace of mind in the fact that it is done right the first time and will even have possible warranties on the work performed as well. Companies like RB’s Computer Service can save you the headaches and extra costs of a botched DIY attempt. A lot of things may go wrong when you attempt a DIY iPhone or iPad screen repair, but there are many tech savvy individuals that are up to the task and are more than qualified to do the job.

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