Back to School is here.  A custom built computer or previously owned commercial grade desktop or laptop might be a perfect gift to get your student off toRemote IT Support Zimmerman, Custom Made PC Zimmerman, Smartphone Repair Zimmerman3 a good start this year.  In addition to the education tax credit, businesses too could explore with their accountant or CPA, tax deductible possibilities as 3rd Quarterly Federal Tax filings loom towards the September 15th deadline.  In this sense, a businesses could outfit their office with new computers and get their 4th quarter off to a good start.  But, regardless of the tax benefits, our custom-built computers and previously owned commercial grade desktops and laptops are already inexpensive to purchase for both students and businesses.

Custom Built Desktop Computers & Previously Owned Commercial Grade Laptops

With pricing starting from $350-$390 for refurbished systems, or purchasing a custom-built new computer could be an ideal choice for the student and small business owner because your needs change.  Like Lego’s, a custom-built computer enables you to easily “snap in” a new or upgraded component seamlessly at minimal cost.  For the small business, consider this scenario; you decide to install a smart TV in your lobby to display messages to your customer to read while they wait.  Suppose you need more RAM, Memory, or to add an HDMI cord to connect to the two.  With a custom-built computer, this is quite easy to do.  The same could be said for the student that needs to make interactive presentations.

For previously owned commercial grade computers, customers who have bought these routinely come back to us with a thumbs up gesture of satisfaction.  These are also called “off-lease commercial computers” and we stock them.  These computers usually make their way to us after large companies procure 5000 new ones and return the others at the end of their lease.  Unlike what you will find at a scratch and dent outlet store, these computers are not defective or obsolete.  For a number of reasons, the powers that be in the organization simply decided it was time to invest in new computers.  When they leave their first corporate home, they go to a vendor to be scrubbed of data, cleaned, updated and in some cases rebuilt.  Then, onto our shelves.

3 selling points on these are;

  • 30 day warranty
  • Reliable-commercial grade
  • Because they are commercial grade, they are not pre-loaded with junk software

MN Department of Revenue Education Tax Credit

An educational computer and the software required to run applications can be claimed (up to $200,* to see full details visit ). Minnesota has two programs to help pay for your child’s education expenses.  The K-12 Education Subtraction and the K-12 Education Credit can lower the tax you pay or increase your refund when filing your Minnesota income tax return. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.  Both of these programs allow for the computer tax credit.  For most student’s computer needs, subtract the tax credit from a $350 computer, and your cost would be about $150.  That’s a bargain most parents can jump at.

September 15th is 3rd Quarterly Tax Filings

September 15th is an important federal tax deadline.  For corporations that obtained a tax extension earlier this year, this is the deadline to file your 2016 tax return.  3rd quarterly estimated tax payment for 2017 is also due by this date.  We are not accountants or CPA’s and are not offering any tax advice, but if you need a new computer and a tax deduction, using the purchase of a new computer as a write off might be a great idea to pose to your accountant or CPA.

A custom built computer or previously owned commercial grade desktop or laptop is an inexpensive back to school or 3rd quarterly business equipment purchase, and could be used as tax deduction.  To inquire on inventory or ask questions, contact me via phone or email: 763-441-3884,  In addition selling the best desktop and laptop computers, RB’s Computer Service can provide strategies and managed IT service agreements to help prevent Ransomware attacks. We sell the best commercial grade firewall routers, business computers, computer parts, computer monitors and provide computer repair, iPhone and smartphone repair and tablet repairs to customers and clients throughout central Minnesota and St. Cloud.