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Broken Screens a Lost Cause? Some Tricks in iPhone Screen Repair

Broken Screens a Lost Cause? Some Tricks in iPhone Screen Repair

Although Apple’s gadgets have been touted as masterpieces in digital technology, they still suffer the downside of being tricky to repair, especially the screen.

This is why broken screens and dead batteries are often left to iPhone screen repair experts, such as RB’s Computer Services. The sensitivity of the components—from screen to chip—often warrants a pair of skilled hands to handle the repair job. Buster Heine at Cult of Mac, a news website for anything Apple, has this to say:

these are the secret little tools apple uses to repair the iphone 5s

“A lot of fuss has been made about the iPhone’s lack of repairability ever since it debuted in 2007 without *gasp* a removeable battery. Six years of design updates later and the iPhone is still as hard to tinker with as ever, unless of course you work at Apple.”

Fortunately, he was kind enough to show how Apple fixes their gadgets, reducing the difficulty of fixing later iPhone models. For starters, Apple came up with a simple way to remove the screen.

The UDRF is basically two pairs of clear suction cups designed to hold the phone and pop the screen out gently using a lever action. It’s an easy way of accessing the phone’s insides safely.

“Rather than use just a single suction cup and pry the display open, Apple created the Universal Display Removal Fixture to provide quicker access to the iPhone’s internals without putting components at risk in the process.

To open a device for repair Apple has mounted Universal Display Removal Fixtures with four suction cups to gently pry the display from the body.”

Don’t expect all third-party repair shops to use the UDRF, though, as other factors may be the source of damage. Nevertheless, an expert iPhone or iPad screen repair shop gets the job done without collateral damage.

Perhaps in the near future, Apple fans would soon be able to enjoy the rumored new protective technology for the gadget, in which the phone will change its orientation mid-fall to soften the impact. Then again, until that technology actually comes to light, a little bit of know-how on iPhone or iPad screen repair may save your Apple. Unless you’re not cut out for the job, in which case, you would be better off sending it to a certified repair shop.

(Article image and excerpt from “These Are The Secret Little Tools Apple Uses To Repair The iPhone 5s,” Cult of Mac, November 13, 2013)

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