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Ransomware Threat & Attacks are not Going Away!

A massive global ransomware attack known as WannaCry (aka WCry) caused extensive damage and major inconvenience to businesses in nearly 100 countries using Microsoft Windows on Friday, May 12, 2017. According to Avast (a cyber security company), it had identified more than 75,000 ransomware attacks in 99 countries, making it one of the broadest and […]

Protect Yourself Working Remotely: Commercial VS Consumer Grade Routers

Having secure remote access to your company can be beneficial to you being able to work on the road, on vacation, at home or at a customer or client’s location and enter data remotely.  The key thing to concentrate on is secure access through a proven firewall router… not a consumer grade unit but a […]

Keep the “heart” of your computer humming; clean the cooling fan.

Cleaning the cooling fan in your laptop or tower computer is critical to increasing the life span of your computer’s processor and computer in general.  This essential maintenance task is often overlooked and when action is taken by people, shortcuts like using a compressed air canister to blow out dust and debris seem to be […]

Elk River Health Care Provider Pays Ransomware. Are You Next?

Last August I wrote about what Ransomware is, shared statistics to highlight the urgency for health care providers and small businesses to take action to protect themselves, and offered our Managed IT Service Agreement as a solution to prevent a Ransomware attack.  Recently, a local businesses in the health care industry was hacked by ransomware and […]

2 Reasons to Custom Build your Next Computer.

Most people know RB’s Computer Service as “the local computer repair shop” or a place where one can purchase a commercial grade previously owned Dell or HP desktop or laptop for around $350.  Others rely on us for remote IT support. However, we have a growing number of customers purchasing custom-built computers from us.  One […]

2017-Time to Embrace Windows 10 | PC’s the Size of Credit Cards

Happy New Year!  Like every year, there is no shortage of news to share as it relates to personal and business computers.  For the defenders of Windows 7 & 8 & the resisters to Windows 10, NOW is the Time to Act if you want a new or previously owned computer using Windows 7 & […]

2 Great Christmas Gift Ideas, Save $$$

$350-$390  Previously owned commercial grade HP or Dell laptop and desktop computers.  Customers who have bought these routinely come back to me with a thumbs up gesture of satisfaction.  These are also called “off-lease commercial computers” and we stock them.  These computers usually make their way to us after a large company like Target procures […]

Get your PC Moving with a Solid State Drive, SSD.

Last summer I wrote a post on a “Lifesaver Stop Patch” for Windows 10 Automatic Upgrade (  Many customers and clients contacted us and took action.  For a number of others, we helped upgrade their computer to Windows 10.  After getting everything synced with Windows 10, many people noticed quickly their computer took longer to […]

Time to get Serious in 2016! | Back Up your PC & Network.

Few people take it seriously, but backing up your computer files is more important in 2016 than ever before, and will only be more so in the future. (Jim Martin, How to back up your PC, laptop, phone and tablet for free | Keep your files safe by making copies, March 9th, 2016, ).  From college […]

Wireless Security: Just How Private and Secure is your Wi-Fi, Laptop, and Smartphone?

Most people know what the term “hacker” refers to.  But, do you know what “Wardriving” or “Cantenna” mean?   Further, most people have embraced some type anti-virus software for their desktop or laptop as a norm like getting the oil changed every 3000 miles on the car or truck but are leaving themselves vulnerable to malicious […]