anti-virus protection, anti-virus software, best computers to buy, best desktop computers for sale, best desktop computers, best pc, cell phone screen repair, computer deals, computer repairAre you looking for an affordable inflation-busting Christmas gift for the student in your family?  How about a gift for your business?  What if you could also get this with a tax credit?  Well, if you said yes to one or all these questions, consider a previously owned commercial-grade laptop computer at RB’s Computer Service.    


Dell, Lenovo, and HP Laptops Starting at $425 


Rarely do previously owned commercial-grade Dell, Lenovo, and HP Laptops cost more than $500 at RB’s Computer Service.  Plus, a previously owned commercial-grade laptop offers several advantages over a new consumer-grade laptop off the shelf, such as:   


• Commercial-grade laptops are more durable.  Consumer laptops have a scaled-down protective casing.  

• Includes Windows 10 Professional.  Our commercial-grade laptops come with Windows 10 Professional vs Windows 10 “Home” version.  Windows 10 “Home” is installed on most consumer-grade laptops.  For many Windows 7 users, upgrading to Windows 10 was a hassle.  But with our laptops, Windows 10 Professional is included to avoid the hassle.  We also offer options to set up Microsoft Office 365. 

• Commercial-grade laptops are faster.  Most come with an SSD Drive (Solid State Drive).   

• All our commercial-grade laptops are data scrubbed before we sell them. 

• Because we sell scrubbed commercial-grade laptops, they are not pre-loaded with junk software. 

• Many laptops we supply have docking port options so that you can purchase a dock and use this laptop as a regular replacement for a tower. 

• 30-Day Warranty.   


computers for sale, malware protection, malware removal, managed IT services, phone screen repair ransomware detection, ransomware protection, remote IT support, smartphone repair computer service, computer repairIf you are business owner or considering buying a laptop as gift, the durability, speed, and functionality of a commercial-grade laptop can’t be beat compared to consumer-grade laptop.  But, if you would like another good reason to consider a previously owned commercial-grade laptop, potential tax credits are a good place to start.  




Tax Deduction  


RB’s Computer Service is not a CPA, so you should consult with your tax professional if a tax credit is your main motivation in purchasing a previously owned commercial-grade laptop from RB’s Computer Service.  But we are comfortable reporting that business owners and parents have told us their computer purchase was tax-deductible.  For businesses, we usually hear it being categorized as “equipment,” and for parents as an “educational expense.”  Again, please consult with your CPA for how this relates to you.  Here is link to MN Revenue for information on tax deductions and educational expenses (   


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Previously owned commercial-grade laptops are affordable and an excellent Christmas gift idea for the student in your family or for your business.  In addition to the durability, speed, and functionality a commercial-grade laptop offers, chances are, you may be able to use the purchase as a tax deduction.    To inquire about our inventory of Dell, Lenovo, and HP Laptops or ask questions, contact us via phone or email: 763-441-3884,  In addition to selling the best desktop and laptop computers, RB’s Computer Service can provide strategies and managed IT service agreements to help prevent Ransomware attacks. We sell the best commercial-grade firewall routers, business computers, computer parts, computer monitors and provide computer repair, iPhone and smartphone repair, and tablet repairs to customers and clients throughout central Minnesota and St. Cloud.