Smartphone and Tablet Screen Repairs

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Cracked screen or is your digitizer failing?

With smartphones and tablets becoming a mandatory tool within the workplace and at home, it's only a matter of time before one of these is dropped and the screen shatters. This sends most users into a panic, as they may not be able to read their important information off the smartphone or tablet screen.

We can replace those smartphone and tablet screens in our shop, getting you back on your feet quickly so you don't have to buy a new replacement phone just because the other phone's screen is broken. We supply both OEM and equivalent 3rd party replacements that can save you money.
The best part is that all of your data stays on the phone and you are not faced with having to download all of your apps all over again.
Sometimes the smartphone or tablet screen is fine, but the digitizer has failed. This is the part that tracks your finger when you touch the screen. We can replace those, also.

Pricing is reasonable and certainly a lot less than having to buy a new smartphone or tablet off contract.
Let RB's Computer Service take away your pain when it comes to getting that device back up and running quickly. In many cases we can do this the same day! Call us at: 763-441-3884 or stop by at your convenience.

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