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4 Easy Tasks to Supercharge Computer Security

In October 2022, PCWorld reported Microsoft 365 Defender can now “automatically disrupt ransomware attacks (Mark Hachman, PCWorld, Microsoft 365 Defender now disrupts ransomware, October 12th, 2022,...

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3 Areas an iPad Can’t Replace Your Laptop

Be Suspicious Unsolicited Remote Tech Support

There is a new ransomware group dubbed “Royal” that is demanding millions in payments from its victims.  As a refresher for our local blog readers, ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer...

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Steer clear of “smishing” text message scams

Update your software and hardware at RB’s Computer Service

Protect your Computer Router from ZuoRAT Malware

A multi-stage remote access malware trojan called ZuoRAT is currently being deployed against a wide variety of small office/home office routers (also called SOHO’s) in the United States and Europe.  Security analysts believe this malware...

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Your Social Media “Friends” Could Be Social Media Scammers

Over 12% of PC Users Still Using Windows 7 Without Security Updates

  At RB’s Computer Service, we were stunned but not surprised to recently read that over 12% of PC users are still using Windows 7, even though Microsoft is no longer providing security updates and security patches for it.  Digging a...

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Backups vs Disaster Recovery: Is your computer network protected?

Many people believe disaster recovery is the same thing as backing up a computer network.  Although the lines seem blurred, the reality is they perform very different functions when you need them.  The data protection landscape is filled...

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Protect Your Computer Network from Russian Cyber-Attacks