2 Reasons to Custom Build your Next Computer

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Most people know RB’s Computer Service as “the local computer repair shop” or a place where one can purchase a commercial grade previously owned Dell or HP desktop or laptop for around $350.  Others rely on us for remote IT support.

However, we have a growing number of customers purchasing custom-built computers from us.  One driver of current purchases, is due to Microsoft’s mandatory upgrade to Windows 10.  If you are just catching up to the issues related to Windows 10, please see my January blog post at;  https://rbsmn.com/blog/.

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The logic for purchasing a custom build computer usually follows these lines; if I have to go with Windows 10, I might was well get the other upgrades or things I need at the same time too, so I’ll explore getting a new computer or used one at the best price possible.  While exploring, the would be purchaser discovers to get what he or she wants or needs with a new computer or used one, they also have to purchase or get stuff  “packaged in” that they don’t want or need, with an additional cost.  Once this purchaser learns they can get EXACTLY what they need with the OPTION to add things ala carte as their needs change, they warm up to the idea of creating and purchasing a custom-built desktop or laptop with RB’s team.  The nail in the coffin for the purchase seems to be when they learn RB’s Computer Service can build it starting as low as $350.

Starting at $350, Good for Small Business & Family Needs.

In addition to pricing, a custom-built computer is an ideal choice for the small business owner or family regardless how the Windows 10 upgrade affects them.  First, for both the small business owner and family, your needs change.  Like Lego’s, a custom-built computer enables you to easily “snap in” a new or upgraded component when they need to at minimal cost.  For the small business, consider this scenario; you decide to install a smart TV in your lobby to display messages to your customer to read while they wait.  Suppose you need more RAM, Memory, or to add an HDMI cord to connect to the two.  With a custom-built computer, this is quite easy to do.

Families Benefit with Low Cost, Something for Everyone.

Mom or dad may only use the family computer to pay bills online, check email or Facebook.  But, what if one of the kids developed an interest in “gaming” over playing baseball or other things?  Further, what if mom or dad wanted the family computer to also serve as a home entertainment center to play DVD’s?  Again, with a custom-built computer, adding RAM, Memory, or an HDMI port is quite easy to do, and inexpensive.  These are just a few things to consider.  There are a number of other reasons custom-built computers make sense.

To explore all your options, including unique or specific ones, please feel free to contact us via phone or email; 763-441-3884 or help@rbsmn.com.  RB’s Computer Service sells the Intel Compute Stick as well as the best laptop computers, best desktop computers, business computers, computer parts and computer monitors.  We also provide managed IT services, computer repair, iPhone and smartphone repair to customers and clients throughout central Minnesota and St. Cloud.