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Private Medical Records are Under Attack

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are increasing as high-value targets for hackers.   If hackers continue at their current pace, they will have accessed every American’s private medical records at least once by 2024.  A ...

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7 Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Laptop at RB’s

Many people in the market for a new laptop overlook the benefits of buying a previously owned commercial grade one.  It is logical to zero in on new laptops and compare price and reliability.  However, RB’s Computer Services sells previously ...

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Outsource your Office Network’s IT Management

If you are in the market to change, update, upgrade or protect your office network system and computers, determining where to start and what makes the most sense for your business often seems complex.  For even the sharpest CEO and small business ...

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Clean your Laptop Cooling Fan

Keep the cooling fan clean!   RB's Computer Service can help. Cleaning the cooling fan in your laptop or tower computer is critical to increasing the life span of your computer’s processor and computer in general.  This essential maintenance ...

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2 Reasons to Custom Build your Next Computer

Most people know RB’s Computer Service as “the local computer repair shop” or a place where one can purchase a commercial grade previously owned Dell or HP desktop or laptop for around $350.  Others rely on us for remote IT ...

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