Replace Windows 7 buying a refurbished computer with Windows 10 on it

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Every week at RB’s Computer Service we come across a local business running Windows 7 experiencing some type of issue.  Most people have heard Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 updates (both for security and functionality, click here to learn more) and they have urged users still running Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10 to continue to receive technical support.  But despite these warnings, it is estimated that 200 million PC users are still running Windows 7 (Danny Palmer, ZDNet, Windows 7 end of life: Security risks and what you should do next, January 14, 2020,   To fix Windows 7 issues, the default recommendation by many in the computer industry is to simply migrate to Windows 10 using the same device, laptop, or desktop.  But increasingly a better recommendation for businesses is to buy a new or previously owned commercial-grade laptop(s) or desktop computer(s) when you consider security, price, and functionality, like speed. 


In September, the FBI issued a warning that cybercriminals were targeting Windows 7 users. "Continuing to useanti-virus software Rogers MN, anti-virus software Rogers, anti-virus software, best Computers to buy Rogers MN, best computers to buy, computer repair Anoka MN, computer repair, computer repair Ramsey MN Windows 7 within an enterprise may provide cybercriminals access into computer systems.  As time passes, Windows 7 becomes more vulnerable to exploitation due to lack of security updates and new vulnerabilities discovered," the FBI warning says.  (AJ Dunham, DARKReading, Why Are There Still So Many Windows 7 Devices?, September 19, 2020,   In addition to this warning, cybercriminals are not just targeting large companies using Windows 7 or businesses located in big cities.  In a previous blog about ransomware, I wrote about an Elk River health care provider that was hacked and paid a ransom to unlock their network (click here to learn more).  If you absolutely must keep one or more Windows 7 PCs in operation because they're running a critical app or controlling a piece of old but essential hardware, one thing you could do it to completely disconnect that machine from the network and lock it down so that it only runs that one irreplaceable app, but that is not practical and presents another set of issues.  (Ed Bott, ZDNet, Now that Windows 7 support has ended, your business has four options, September 19, 2020,


computers for sale Elk River MN, computers for sale, computers for sale Otsego MN, malware protection Ramsey MN, malware protection Rogers MN, malware protection, malware removal Rogers MN, malware removalOn the one hand, you can upgrade to Windows 10 using your current laptop and desktop, but many businesses have found it is less expensive to purchase a previously owned commercial-grade laptop with Windows 10 installed on it.  Older laptops and desktops may not have the “hardware” to function smoothly with the upgrade.  Previously owned commercial-grade laptops RB’s Computer Service offers for sale do.

Prices Starting at $395


Most of our previously owned Dell, Lenovo, and HP computers start at $395.  In addition to price, some added benefits include:


• Windows 10 Included.  Our laptops come with Windows 10 Pro version vs Windows 10 “Home” version installed.  For many Windows 7 users, upgrading to Windows 10 was a hassle.  But with our laptops, Windows 10 Pro is included to avoid the hassle.  We also offer options to set up Microsoft Office 365.


• 30-Day Warranty.


• Our laptops are commercial units, not consumer scaled-down units.  They are more durable.


• Many laptops we supply have docking port options so that you can purchase a dock and use this laptop as a regular replacement for a tower.


• All laptops are data scrubbed before we sell them.


• Because we sell commercial-grade laptops, they are not pre-loaded with junk software.



Functionality and Speed


There are challenges to upgrading to Windows 10 using your current laptop and desktop that could cost you more.  Formanaged IT service Anoka MN, managed IT service, managed IT service Rogers MN, ransomware detection Ramsey MN, ransomware detection, ransomware detection Rogers MN, remote IT support Anoka MN, remote IT support Rogers MN, remote IT support example, your “devices’ operational technology or critical infrastructure environments may unintentionally break the functionality of critical software running on that device, or the device itself.”  A business may also not be able to tolerate the downtime needed to update the device if it is responsible for a critical function, such as in a healthcare or manufacturing environment (AJ Dunham, DARKReading, Why Are There Still So Many Windows 7 Devices?, September 19, 2020,  Conversely, the previously owned commercial-grade laptops RB’s Computer Service offers come with the components to sync with Windows 10, and almost all the laptops we sell come with Solid State Drives in them, providing much faster performance.   

If you need help switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10, contact RB’s Computer Service via phone or email: 763-441-3884,  In addition to updating to Windows 10, we also sell the best desktop and laptop computers.  RB’s Computer Service can provide strategies and managed IT service agreements to help prevent Ransomware attacks as well.  We sell the best commercial-grade firewall routers, business computers, computer parts, computer monitors and provide computer repair.  We also do iPhone repair, smartphone repair and tablet repairs to customers and clients throughout Central Minnesota and St. Cloud.