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New Laptop but Slow WiFi? We have a solution

  With so many people working from home due to COVID-19, we have had a number of people contact RB’s Computer Service complaining their new or “newer” work laptop is “very slow” when using it to work from...

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Hire a Pro for Smartphone Screen Repair & Battery Replacement

How hard can it be to fix a broken smartphone screen or replace the battery?  From a Do-it-Yourselfer (DIY) point of view probably not so hard once you know what you are doing.  But what if you don’t have the time, ability, and tools...

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Blockchain will be integrated into your life like Microsoft & Facebook

Remember when the “Cloud” entered our vocabulary?  The Cloud is commonly used today to store and back up data virtually, such as photos from our smartphone, but when it first came out most people were dumbfounded to know what all the hype was...

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