Speed Up Your PC with a Solid State Drive

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Solid-state drive (SSD) installation has grown more popular in the "Want It Now" age.  The super-portable form factor has revolutionized expandable storage. It also makes it easier for users to boot up without having to wait a century for everything to load!  If you have decided on an SSD for your next device, we cannot blame you.  There are a lot of benefits to it.  We are about to launch into what those benefits are.  But first, it helps to understand more about the SSD and its alternative.

What Is a Solid-State Drive?

The SSD as we know it today launched in 1991, thanks to California-based StorageTek (Storage Search, Who's Who in cell phone screen repair rogers, cell phone screen repair rogers mn, computer repair anoka mn, computer repair anoka, computer repair ramsey, computer repair ramsey MN, computer repair rogers, computer repair rogers mnSSDs and Storage? circa 2004, http://www.storagesearch.com/storagetek.html).  SSD was crafted as a faster and more portable alternative to the hard-disk drive (HDD).  Today, it gives users more flexibility with their storage capacity and gets away from the use of moving parts, such as cooling fans continuously blowing to keep it from overheating.

Before the proliferation of SSD, the hard-disk drive (HDD) was the only show in town.  It continues to be a popular hardware choice for its cost-effectiveness, the large amount of base storage, and endless read-write cycles.  The majority of hard drives can last for six years of use (Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech, How Long Do Hard Drives Actually Live For?, November 12th, 2013, https://www.extremetech.com/computing/170748-how-long-do-hard-drives-actually-live-for).   However, they have quite a few weak points where SSD has been able to capitalize on.


The debate of a solid-state drive vs. a hard disk drive is pretty much over.  SSD appears to have won as more devices (i.e. laptops, and desktop computers) moved to offer solid-state storage over large HDDs that add to bulk while slowing down overall operations.   Let’s compare SSD to HDD.

  1. SSD has no moving parts so it can be dropped without damaging its functionality.
  2. That same lack of moving parts results in noiseless function and low temperatures as opposed to HDD's being noisy and overheating.
  3. SSD takes up less space than HDD thanks to it only carrying integrated circuits instead of bulky internal components.
  4. SSD uses less energy than HDD, making it cheaper to operate and easier on the environment.
  5. SSD reads and writes at faster speeds -- much faster -- than HDD meaning you can enjoy entertainment and/or save important files in moments instead of minutes.

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Get a Solid-State Drive Today 

For help with your solid-state drive installation, or if you have questions, contact us today via phone or email: 763-441-3884 or at help@rbsmn.com.  In addition to providing computer and data security protection and solutions, RB’s Computer Service offers Ransomware strategies. We also sell the best commercial-grade firewall routers, best laptop computers, best desktop computers, business computers, computer parts, and computer monitors.  We provide services for computer repair, iPhone and smartphone repair, and tablet repairs to customers and clients throughout central Minnesota and St. Cloud.