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WhatsApp® Encrypts Text Messages

I have blogged extensively over the last couple years about proactive security measures one can take to protect themselves from Ransomware and hackers using a commercial firewall router, VPN’s, and upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  The ...

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Blockchain will be integrated into your life like Microsoft & Facebook

Remember when the “Cloud” entered our vocabulary?  The Cloud is commonly used today to store and back up data virtually, such as photos from our smartphone, but when it first came out most people were dumbfounded to know what all the hype was ...

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Recycle your computer with a purpose and caution

Recycling an obsolete or outdated computer provides an opportunity to protect your local landfill and possibly provide a kid on the other side of the globe with access to one.  It is estimated 262.54 million computers were sold in 2017 ...

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